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Take Care Before Bedtime

Massage is an effective relaxing massage, especially in our feet that are often handled by the body. One of the good things to do is self-indulgence as it reaches the reach of our arms, which will only be in the hands.

Metabolism can increase fatigue and help release hairs to dispose of body toxins. Look for unnecessary fat and help reach the blood to body aches. It can also be used in the skin as it always creates or hugs, so we can look at it.

Massaging, removes ‘lactic acid’, which results in digestion, and leads to high blood pressure. Massive massage with a squeeze and cheek pressure (reflex, etc.), also helps to relieve the pain of the body.

Recommend that every night, stretch the foot, and then follow the ‘foot reflex’ in the solvent tossed for about 10 to 15 times, and tickle the bones. Then roll the heel to the side around the sole. Smell one oil before mixing.

In one case, cover the blanket or the back cover, then relax, do not work, and it does not air. If you do not even do the massage, you will notice that your legs will be swollen. So long as the body also feels its lightness is soothing.

It takes effort and discipline, to care for the health of the feet. Thus, to ensure that we are not in the mood for the activity and the destinations we want to go.

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