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6 Reasons why a Massage is Good for Your Health!

Healthy living naturally goes further than just eating healthy. For me healthy living is a balance between healthy eating, exercise and relaxation. Eating healthily, exercising enough every day and exercising well and relaxing 2 or 3 times a week.


We know that healthy eating and exercising are important to us, but what we often forget is to relax. We have “no time for this”, it comes to the point or “it will come”. That while relaxation and sufficient rest at the right times is very important for our health.

If we do not relax during busy times (physically and mentally) and give our body no rest, this can lead to physical and physical complaints. Long-term stress in particular is very bad for your health.

Relaxation can be anything and everyone gets peace and relaxation from other things. Take a long walk, put everything aside and read a book, drink coffee, yoga, a day at the sauna or a nice massage.

Different massages

You have different types of massages, adapted to your needs. A nice relaxation massage (focused on soothing and relaxing), an Ayurvedic massage (focused on the energy in your body), a connective tissue massage (focused on the deeper connective tissue), a hot stone massage (a massage that uses magnetic and temperature-retaining properties of stones) and a stress-fix massage (focused on tightening and loosening muscles and knots).

I recently had the last, a stress-fix massage, for the first time and what a good experience this was!

Stress-fix massage

Treatwell (here you can easily book all kinds of treatments in your area and you immediately have insight into the agendas. Handy!) Offered me a massage at Salon Laurent. At this salon, which is located in the center of Utrecht, they specialize in many types of massages, including the stress-fix massage.

A stress-fix massage is aimed at stuck muscles, knots and “loosening” them. Because I sit behind my laptop a lot and often have problems with my neck and shoulders, I wanted to try this massage.

Do not expect that you will get a wonderful relaxation massage, it can even hurt. The massage was a change from relaxing massage grips and grips in which they loosen muscles and knots, but how good I felt after this massage. My body and muscles felt loose and relaxed. As if I had slept for hours on a very good bed. Highly recommended to do occasionally!

6 health benefits of a massage

A massage can be relaxing for both your body and your mind, but it has even more health benefits.

smoother muscles

A massage ensures that muscles are loosened, it soothes sore muscles and helps the muscles relax. After a massage your body literally feels “looser” and smoother.

improves blood circulation

An Massage activates blood circulation. A massage ensures that the blood vessels in the skin dilate, causing more blood to flow. This is how you get that healthy tan after a massage (and after a sports session).

waste disposed of

During a massage, not only the blood circulation, but also the lymph vessels are activated. This allows waste to leave the body faster. A connective tissue massage is even specifically aimed at this.

You sleep better

After a massage you will fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Serotonin is produced during massage, which ensures that you sleep better. You probably recognize this by the fact that you are always dull and sleepy after a massage.

improves your concentration

A massage ensures that you (and your thoughts) relax mentally. This will improve your concentration after a massage. A massage is therefore an extra good idea during busy, chaotic times.

A massage makes you happier!

Okay, this is quite a statement, but a massage provides a feeling of happiness. The production of endorphins and oxytocins is stimulated by a massage. These bodily substances reduce stress and increase your happiness. They give you a nice and carefree feeling. Not only from the inside, but you also radiate this from the outside.

Reason enough to occasionally give yourself a massage, right? Or just to book a massage right away?

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