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Aromatherapy Massage​


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At Wish Body Spa, we accept that Aromatherapy has been a distinctive massaging service. It is a type of Swedish Massage in which the massagers use certain aromatic oils that have healing capacity. Usually, the oils are highly concentrated plant oils. Medically, these oils have a natural power to heal various types of ailments, including fatigue, stress, etc.

Our knowledgeable experts for Aromatherapy Massage in Gurgaon believe the massage helps you to inhale the essential oil molecules or absorb them through the skin. While you do so, you get the natural advantages of the aromatic fragrance of the oil. The fragrance promotes beneficial changes in your mind and body by making alterations in the limbic system, a specific region in the brain known that controls emotion.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage
All the essential oil that the massagers used in aromatherapy have separate healing properties. For example, some oils calm your senses and make you feel relaxed while some other oils make you feel energized.

Some identified effects caused by specific massage oils:
• Calming: Chamomile, geranium oil, and lavender
• Decongesting: tea tree oil, pine, and Eucalyptus
• Uplifting: neroli oil, clary sage, rose, and Ylang-ylang
• Energizing: Rosemary oil

Use of essential oils in massage help in releasing some popular ailment, including:
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Menstrual pain
• Depression
• Dementia symptoms
• Insomnia
• Supportive care for people with conditions such as cancer

What Makes Wish Body Spa A Reliable Place For Aromatherapy Massage in Gurgaon
• Praiseworthy setup with well-furnished cabins for massages
• Team of highly skilled massagers
• Availability of the best quality of essential oils
• In-depth knowledge of all the precautions of aromatherapy
• Guaranteed benefits
• Advance booking of the time slots is possible
• Affordable cost
• Superb atmosphere

The Closing Thought:
At Wish Body Spa, we understand everything about massages and therapies and that is why it is the best place for an aromatherapy massage in Gurgaon. We offer the most scintillating benefits that you expect from this premium massage therapy.

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